Why we don’t “Stand like a Stake” regarding the practice of Zhan Zhuang by Patrick A Kelly.

Why we don’t “Stand like a

We dont practice ZhanZhuang because my
teacher, HuangXingxian and his teacher
ZhengManqing taught that it was a very inefficient
exercise (based on their experience of having
practiced it for many years).

It is not as good as listening deeply in the body while
moving smoothly, as in songsenwufa or the taijiform.
It is also not as eKlcient as sitting quietly in
meditation to practice the deeper levels.

is an old method used by teachers mainly to
test the students will to learn and simultaneously
build the base (leg stability). But unfortunately the
base that builds is more suitable for harder
styles of gongfu. :&+& requires a much more fluid,
elastic, mobile connection between the waist and foot

הסבר על עמידות צ’ן צ’ואן או עמידות עמוד הנפוצות בסגנונות פנימיים מסוימים ומדוע רב-אמן קלי רואה בהם אמצעי לא יעיל לאימון בטאי צ’י. הכותרת מתייחסת לציטוט מפורסם של יאנג צ’אנג פו.

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