From Patrick Kelly in Shanghai

From Patrick Kelly in Shanghai
In the Year of the Horse 9cloudsstudio has been established in China for the benefit of the Chinese people. I am here especially to offer a helping hand to the high-sighted few who are searching for a genuine path of Self Refinement. I come backed by the twin mountains of 40 years relentless training and the inner support of my old teachers. My only teacher left alive (116yrs old) has now returned to China before me, called by the same inner need of the young Chinese, but he remains hidden to the public as his work is fully internal now.

The result of true training is internal growth. Deep inside every person is a seed. This essential being may lie dorment for many lifetimes. Most daily actions, feelings and thoughts do not touch it. With the correct stimulation it may begin to awaken and grow. Until this essential being matures (typically 30 to 40 years of intensive work), guidance is necessary. Only those who have gone before are empowered to help in this work. Do not be taken in by people with special uniforms, high titles, religious rules, promises of teacher status, high prices or secret techniques. Do not follow those who promise fast results, who praise your psychic sensitivity, or who ask you to worship them. Do not follow those who teach you to simply sit or move with a blank mind (it is a type of wishful thinking to believe this leads to inner growth and deep wisdom). Do not follow those without at least 20 years training with good teachers who themselves had 20 years training, in an unbroken chain to the past. Do not risk your delicate internal essence in the hands of these internally uncultured people.

One of the biggest difficulties in teaching people deeply is that previously people have dipped their toes in so many arts, so many methods, so many short courses or weekend workshops with other lightly trained people. After that they feel they really know something but in reality they become almost unteachable. Shanghai reminds me of California in the 60's when hundreds of lightly trained people became teachers, creating their own methods and ultimately leading astray a whole generation of genuine but naive seekers. Gurdjieff, in his provocative style said, "If someone has trained something for 20 years………then at least you can talk to them." (Otherwise you are just talking to a head full of bright ideas and changeable beliefs).

For those who wish to know more, a good way to start is read my latest book "Infinite Dao". It is a record of 35 years learning with my 3 main teachers – Sufi, Yogi and Daoist. It explains, the system that i teach and how it arose. It is available at 9clouds in English, French and German. There is a copy available for reading at the studio. My other two books are "Relax; Deepmind" which is a manual for taiji practice, and "Spiritual Reality" (of life) which is a guide to internal refinement (of which meditation is only a supporting exercise). Also,Gurdieff was one of the few great teachers in the Western world during the past century. I suggest reading "In Search of the Miraculous" by P D Ouspenskii (student of gurdjieff), available in French, German, English and more.

In the Year of the Sheep,
Shanghai 2015,


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